Saturday, February 6, 2010

RTSP supported by JBoss Netty!

The RTSP stack that was developed and maintained by mobicents is now merged with Netty main stream! RTSP is extension of HTTP Protocol. Netty already have very good support for HTTP; adding RTSP was just an extension.

A big thanks goes to Trustin for merging Mobicents RTSP Code and providing support.

Release version Netty 3.2.0.ALPHA4 already has the RTSP included. However there are no examples available. If you want to understand how to use the RTSP stack have a look at RtspServerStackImpl in Mobicents Media Server, which represents the Server side for RTSP. Classes in Package (here) shows how to maintain the state.

Though Mobicents Media Server is not using RtspClientStackImpl, I have just added this to show how RTSP can be used at Client side also.

Once I find some time I will add RTSP examples directly in RTSP Trunk.

Download your 3.2.0.ALPHA4 version of Netty from here .