Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mobicents Media Server 2.x.y SVN Structure

The SVN structure for Mobicents Media Server 2.x.y Source is changed a lot as compared to version 1.x.y. The new SVN structure will now look like

  • media
    • jain-mgcp
    • jain-megaco
    • mscml
    • jsr-309
    • core
      • server-spi
      • server-impl
      • server-sar
      • server-standalone
      • mgcp-controller
      • megaco-controller
    • examples - All standalone examples here (not depending on SLEE or Sip Servlets)
    • slee
      • ra
        • mgcp
        • megaco
        • jsr-309
      • examples - All SLEE examples here
        • converged-demo
        • call-controller
        • mgcp-demo

The protocol stacks jain-mgcp, jain-meagco, mscml and jsr-309 are independent of MMS components and depends on mobicents parent.

The core/server-spi is core api design of MMS and core/server-impl is implementation of server-spi. MMS 2.x.y can be build as standalone server (server-standalone) or service in JBoss AS 5.x (server-sar). The controllers mgcp-controller and megaco-controller will be an integration of respective stack and server-spi.

The slee is special node for JAIN SLEE. slee/ra will have all the JSLEE RA's for respective stacks and slee/examples demonstrating the usage of these RA's

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  1. Hi, could you please inform me what is inside each folder. I want to modify some aspect of the media server and got confused. If you have a design document (or some kind of flow chart), please provide it to me. Basically, I want to include a video capability (at least to play video files as announcement).

    Thank you.

    Best regards,