Friday, June 19, 2009

Mobicents JSR-309 Impl 2.0.0.BETA1 Released!

A brief intro on what is JSR-309

JSR-309 defines a programming model and object model for Media Server (MS) control independent of MS control protocols. JSR-309 API is not an API for a specific protocol. It will take advantage of the multiple and evolving Multimedia Server capabilities available in the industry today and also provide an abstraction for commonly used application functions like multi party conferencing, multimedia mixing and interaction dialogs.

Some of the commonly used MS control protocols are MGCP (RFC 3435), MEGACO (RFC 3525), Media Server Markup Language (MSML) (RFC 4722) and VoiceXML. The Mobicents implementation of JSR-309 API makes use of MGCP as MS control protocol.

The Mobicents JSR-309 Impl is first and only open source implementation of JSR-309 available as of today. To further understand the JSR-309 API, download specs from here.

Still the TCK for JSR-309 is not available. We are eagerly waiting for TCK to be out.

The diagram bellow shows the high-level architecture of how application can make use of JSR-309 over MGCP

The first binary release is Mobicents JSR-309 IMpl 2.0.0.BETA1. This implementation can be used not only for controlling Mobicents Media Server, but any Media Server that understands MGCP Protocol.

You can download the from here

The public announcement is here


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